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When I needed a hand, you gave me your paw.

Meet our Honorary Lysosomal Cousins


Adopted: 1/13/2018
Lysosomal Disorder: I-cell Disease

Rosie was found abandoned in an alley in January, 2018. She was picked up by some good samaritans and brought into a shelter in Davenport, Iowa. She was covered in urine burns and feces, had her nails grown into her paw pads, and could not walk. Jeremy, one of the employees at the shelter, decided to bring her home. She was seen by many different vets and no one knew what was wrong with her until one vet suggested MPS. Her parents found MPS Army, who generously paid for her testing. This test was negative, which was a big surprise to everyone given her physical appearance and symptoms. Throughout the testing process, her parents were able to connect with Dr. Casal at PennGenn who offered to do more advanced testing. It was determined that Rosie has a lysosomal storage disease, most likely one called I-cell disease. I-cell disease has not yet been found in dogs, but has been seen in humans. Because of this, her parents have no idea what to expect but are making the most out of every day and spoiling her to the fullest! 

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