Get Involved

MPS Army Foundation could always use the assistance of kind loving people around the world. As we continue to grow and help more animals with MPS, we will be adding additional ways to get involved.
Please view the options and let us know if you feel lead to assist in one of these fields.
Thank you for your continued love and support for animals with MPS.


One of the best ways you can help MPS Army Foundation is by simply donating. Donations go towards helping dogs currently dealing with MPS-VI, raising awareness for MPS-VI, and research to eradicate this unfortunate disease from our loving dogs.

The MPS Army Foundation is not a government agency, we must rely on the generosity of our supporters.

MPS Testing can range between 50-100 dollars per dog. This depends on the breed of the dog. MPS Army partners with Vetnositcs (MinPins only) and PennGen for all testing. Testing through PennGen requires MPS Army to additionally provide the testing kit for families, so these tests will range closer to 100 dollars and any test through Vetnostics will be near 50 dollars.

MPS Army Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization 81-1915639.


Amazon Smile

Start shopping through the link below and Amazon will donate 0.5% to MPS Army!

Donate Items

Looking to donate an item for our furry friends? Follow the link below and we will put together a welcome basket with your donated items for any new MPS family!

Supporter Wall

Are you excited for the world to know you are a supporter of MPS Army Foundation? Here is a wonderful place to show everyone your support

MPS Army Store

You could purchase an item from MPS Army’s store and tell all your friends about it anytime you wear the item.

Raise Awareness

We are continuously trying to bring MPS-VI awareness to Vets, Shelters, Groomers, and Pet stores. If you would like to let your local dog location know about MPS-VI we would love for you to print one of the attached flyers and take it in to them.


Host A Fundraiser

Would you like to help MPS Army Foundation by hosting or helping with an event or fundraiser?
That’s Great! We would love your help.

If you have a fundraising idea we would love to hear all about it. If you don’t have an idea yet, no problem, we would love to get you involved in one of our fundraising ideas. Just send us a message using the link below and we can get you set up.


Become A Lookout

MPS Dogs may be hard to find and many owners may not even know their dog has MPS-VI. MPS Army can always use more eyes on the lookout.

Many MPS dogs, especially in the Southern California area, can be found at shelters or on Craigslist. If you enjoy filtering through websites, we would love your help searching for pups that may be living with MPS.

If you think you have found a dog potentially living with MPS please contact us. You may also recommend the dogs family to contact us as well.

Thank you for your help.



Are you looking for a new companion? Are you interested in adopting a lovely MPS-VI dog?

At this time we do not have any MPS dogs available for adoption, but if you would like to contact us below we can provide you with our adoption documents to fill out and then be placed on our waiting list. 

Please keep in mind MPS is a rare disease so we do not discover MPS dogs very frequently and the adoption wait could be long.

Not ready to adopt?

That’s ok, how about a donation to the pups instead?

Become an "Army Member"

Are you looking to donate your skills helping MPS Army execute ideas, awareness, and fundraisers?

Wonderful! We would love to have you join our “Army”.
Our current volunteer positions are:

Are you a videographer with a passion for making cute animal videos? 

We would love to recruit your skills in the creation of YouTube videos to talk about MPS, our MPS Dogs, and spreading awareness.

Do you have mad skills in word documents?

 MPS Army could use some skilled army members to help create awareness flyers for veterinary offices and shelters.

Do you have a little bit of free time that you would like to donate to MPS Army? 

You could assist us with printing and mailing flyers and letters for vets, shelters, and breeders.

Do you love to write? 

We would love to have you join our blogging team. This is a great way to help spread awareness about MPS in animals and educate the world.

Are you a creative thinker and find yourself daydreaming through work or school? 

This is a skill we would love to have on our team. MPS Army is always in need of new merchandise ideas and designs.

Is talking to people a passion of yours? 

Well maybe you would love helping MPS Army reach out to different media channels and working out a way for them to feature MPS Army to help spread awareness of MPS in animals.

Do your friends always say you throw the best parties? 

We knew it. You would make a great army member for our fundraiser team. We are always looking for new ways to raise funds so we can continue to test animals for MPS. This can be anywhere from online events to physical events, even in home parties with friends. If you have some ideas we’d love to hear them.

Please contact us below with the volunteer project you think best fits your skill set. We look forward to working with you!