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Yearly Donation Goal - Current Raised: $0 = 0 MPS tests
$0 100% Complete - $20,000
Money Donation

You could help MPS Army Foundation immensely just by donating your spare change! The Round Up App allows you to automatically donate the change from your credit or debit card transactions to support our work.
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Use the easy DonorUp App to donate to causes you care about like MPS Army Foundation using your smart device. Donate to all of your causes with recurring or one-time gifts. Organize and tax-itemize your charitable giving. DonorUp continuously matches you with nonprofits based on your background and interests. *This app is currently only available for apple device users.

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We are happy to share part of your donations will be going towards helping the MPS animals with their medical bills, care packages for MPS animals, upcoming events and conventions, along with continued free testing for potential MPS animals and breeders so we can work to eradicate the MPS gene.

2019 Goals
150 Tests processed
Assist with more medical bills for MPS animals
Attend our first convention
Send care packages to MPS animals quarterly

2018 Results
Processed nearly 100 MPS tests
Launched medical funds program to assist MPS animals
Sent care packages for the holidays and some welcome baskets
Received just over $20k in donations in 2018

One of the best ways you can help MPS Army Foundation is by simply donating. Donations go towards helping cover medical costs for animals currently dealing with MPS, raising awareness for MPS, and research to eradicate this unfortunate disease from our loving dogs.

The MPS Army Foundation is not a government agency, we must rely on the generosity of our supporters.

MPS Testing can range between 50-100 dollars per dog. This depends on the breed of the dog. MPS Army partners with Vetnositcs (MinPins only) and PennGen for all testing. Testing through PennGen requires MPS Army to additionally provide the testing kit for families, so these tests will range closer to 100 dollars and any test through Vetnostics will be near 50 dollars.

MPS Army Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization 81-1915639.


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Fundraising Ideas:
Garage Sale
100,000 Step Challenge
Give instead of Get on your Birthday
Car Wash
Workout Challenge

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