As part of our objectives towards achieving the goal of our organization, we are pleased to introduce the MPS Army Certified Breeder program.

The MPS Army Certified Breeder Program is focused on offering free MPS-gene tests to breeders as a requisite to join our list of national breeders that have been tested, and are certified as MPS-gene free breeders!

If you would like to join our list of MPS-gene free breeders please contact us below.

MPS Army Certified Breeders


Aalesch Miniature Pinschers

MPS Army Certified


Amber Schnobrich
Randall, MN, USA

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MPS Free (Does not carry the MPS gene)


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MPS Free (Does not carry the MPS gene)



Below is a list of breeders that MPS Army has contacted about joining our MPS Army Certified Breeder program along with their locations. Some of these breeders are located in hot spots where MPS animals have been discovered. Unfortunately we have not heard back from these breeders and we recommend not working with them until they have tested their dogs for MPS. If you are in contact with any of these breeders, please encourage them to get their pups tested. 


Apopka, FL

Keltic Kennel Miniature Pinschers
Melberry, FL
Miniature Pinschers

Sunrich Kennels
DeLand, FL

Whitehouse Kennel
Marietta, OK

God's LiL Gifts
Smithville, OK

Rott-N- Pinschers
King, NC
Rottweilers & Miniature Pinschers

Bevs House of MinPins
DeRidder, LA
Miniature Pinschers

Sanderlin Miniature Pinschers
Silver Spring, MD
Miniature Pinschers

Rod-Lo Kennels
Deer Park, TX