The Glory That Is BarkBox - Affiliate Link

Have you taken advantage of the greatness that is BarkBox? BarkBox is a monthly dog toy/treat subscription service that delivers right to your door. You can choose one of their three offers - it just depends on your price range and how often you want to receive a box for your furry friend!

You can choose to pay:

  • $22/month for 12 months

  • $25/month for 6 months

  • $29/month for a monthly subscription box

You can even add an extra, premium toy to your dog’s BarkBox for only $9 per month! (Act now and you could actually get the extra toy FOR FREE but only if you choose the 12 month or 6 month plan)

A themed BarkBox drives at your door every month of your subscription. The box contains 2 toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and chew. The site states that, “if your dog isn't 100% happy with their BarkBox, we’ll work with you to make it right. No muss, no fuss, no disappointed pups.”

Does your pup have jaws of steel? Are they always chewing through their toys - no matter HOW tough you think they are? If you’re worried you’ll never find a toy strong enough for them - look no further! Bark Box offers the Bark SUPER CHEWER box. Every box comes with 2 tough toys (fluff-free), 2 full-size bags of treats, and 2 meaty chews. BONUS: The treats are always made in the USA or Canada and the chews are always all-natural!

Would you rather give than get? Then give the gift of BarkBox to your favorite furry friends!

You can gift:

  • 1 month for $35

  • 2 months for $89

  • 6 months for $149

  • 12 months for $249

You can even DOUBLE the items in the first BarkBox for just $19.

Interested? Great! USE OUR CODE!

When you use our code MPSARMY on any 6- or 12-month BarkBox subscription, they’ll donate $25 to us, and you’ll get your first box for 50% off!

Your pup gets fun new toys while you get to support your favorite nonprofit. 

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