The Benefits of Essential Oils - Emily, MPS Army Volunteer

Essential Oils are growing very popular these days, for humans, dogs and cats. They have been known to be very beneficial in a lot of circumstances. Oils are known to help with neurological issues, relaxation, inflammation and brain balancing. Some of the best oils to use for these conditions are Vetiver, Lavender, Copaiba, Frankincense, Northern Lights Black Spruce and Helichrysum.

You can diffuse Copaiba and add a drop or two to your dog(s) meal daily. When they are having a seizure, you can give a drop on top of the head and squirt CBD oil in the mouth. These are very successful combinations. 

Lavender has powerful calming, soothing effects on the brain and is a great oil for calming our dogs. It is not enough to just rub a bit of lavender oil on your stressed, rattled dog and walk away…it is part of a process. Remember, cats are different than dogs as well as more sensitive to oils so if you have a mixed pet household, check safety for both cats and dogs before using oils on either!

Some people use Reikiand Gua Sha after giving oils to their dogs to help them relax and get more comfortable. Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese practice of combing or scraping the surface of the physical body to support flow of the lymphatic system, relieve muscle pain, detoxify and keep the fascia supple.

A lot of people believe in using a Rose Quartz to infuse the therapy and crystal power along with the nurturing and soothing vibes of lunar energy.

Please, always practice oil safety when working with your pets. It is your responsibility as an animal guardian. Many essential oils can be harmful and possibly fatal if not used correctly and oil quality is EVERYTHING! Research the oil and brand you are using first too as many cheaper oils are mostly carrier oil and can contain pesticides not safe for topical or ingesting application.

A go-to oil reference is the Animal Desk Reference by Melissa Shelton, DVM.

- Emily