Life After Bella - Yvette's Letter

“It’s crazy to think that it’s almost been two years since Bella passed away. So much has changed, yet she’s still a major part of my life. When Bella lost her battle with MPS, I had trouble grasping that she was gone. It broke my heart knowing that my husband and I would continue our journey in life without having her apart of our momentous occasions and milestones. I knew she wouldn’t live forever, however grief is grief.

Since Bella’s passing, I have become a mother to my baby Emily. I became pregnant during the same year that Bella passed away. Upon learning of my pregnancy, I was super emotional and missed her more than ever. I was determined to incorporate her into my baby’s life and came up with a few ways to do so.

I was lucky enough to receive a precious coloring of Bella from an adorable 9 year old supporter named Clare. I can’t thank her mother enough for sending this. My husband and I decided to frame this coloring, so it now hangs in Emily’s room. It brings a smile to my face every time I walk in, knowing one day Emily will ask about it and that will be a window to share all of our adventures with Bella.

In the future, I plan on having a custom made stuffed animal that resembles Bella. One day, I hope to find the courage to write a children’s book about her life. To some, all of this might sound a little ridiculous. For us, it’s a way for us to preserve Bella’s legacy and all that she taught us about life.”

- Yvette