What is MPS-VI? - Volunteer Blog Post

What is MPS-IV or Mucopolyssacharidosis? It's an inherited disorder that takes a seeming healthy puppy and can start to deteriorate multiple organs such as the heart, lungs, and skeleton. Dogs with this disorder cannot process the glucose  molecules out of their bodies. It eventually becomes fatal. Most MPS animals do not live past 2. Their lives are filled with health problems. It's a terribly unfair disorder. Through breeder testing, this disorder could be prevented. Testing of the parents before breeding could stop this.

There are some wonderful things that come from this horrible, preventable disorder. Amazing families adopt these adorable dogs and give them the  best lives that they can. I found love for the MPS community by stumbling across the “All About Walter page” on Facebook. Walter had the most amazing personality and I feel in love. Walter’s mom, Gabi, made his short life better than many dogs have in a lifetime. Walter was sick a lot. I wanted to know about what took an adorable little dog and made life a physical struggle. In my research, I found out that this is preventable. I was outraged and told anyone that would listen. Walter passed and devastated his mom. But, that didn't stop Gabi from adopting Walter’s brother, Winslow. Winslow is a character. The fact that the families continue to care for these animals even though they know there is no cure. I think these families and moms are angels here on earth.

This disorder is not something that is limited to dogs. We have a cat in the MPS Army named Trident. Even people can have this disorder. Someday I hope that there is an answer. The one answer now is testing and prevention.

I want to tell you about a couple other animals that caught my heart and are now in heaven. Tucker Wears Goggles was a wonderful boy with a wonderful mom. He had the best personality as do all of the animals with MPS. Frodo’s Fight was another sweet boy with a bushy bunch of hair at the top of his head. His mom made his short life full of love. The families share their pets with us on Facebook pages. They become part of our families in our hearts.

This is my first blog. This is what I can do to support the MPS ARMY and all the wonderful families. I am  still learning about this disorder. I ask you to go to Facebook and find a couple of these wonderful animals to follow. Just by following them it gives support to the families of these amazing animals. I know this blog is full of praise for all of the people that give their love to these sweet animals. As I said angels on earth. The MPS ARMY is an army fueled by love.

- Debra P.