Featured Story - Meet Lemon Pancake!

1. How did you find Lemon Pancake? Was he already diagnosed with MPS-VI when you met her? 

Lemon Pancake was brought to the hospital where my husband is a vet as a stray. She had a lot of medical issues but we didn’t have a diagnosis for months

2. Which type of MPS does she have and what are some of her symptoms? 

She has MPS 1. Her joints have a lot of laxity and she has trouble walking sometimes. Her tongue always sticks out and her nose turn up, which is why a vet who studies MPS said she had 1, even before we got the results back.

3. Do you know if any of her siblings have MPS as well?

She was a stray so her history is totally unknown. 

4. Did you have any knowledge of MPS or its several types before Lemon Pancake?

I had zero knowledge of MPS before Lemon came along, and my husband had only briefly learned about it in vet school.

5. How did you find MPS Army Foundation?

MPS Army foundation commented on my post of Lemon’s diagnosis on IG. 

6. How did your life change with Lemon Pancake?

My life has changed dramatically. She has a lot of demanding physical needs,  but she also provides endless entertainment. She is hilarious and a little diva. She also is very sensitive to my mental health- if I’m stressed from work or having a bad day, she follows me around and puts her head in my lap, and is extra cuddly. 

7. What kind of care goes into having an MPS Dog? Is there specific food, certain tools or medications Lemon absolutely needs? 

She is on a special diet for GI issues, she has custom braces for her back legs, she has a stroller for when she gets tired. We also have to carry her up and down the stairs a lot of the time. We live in a 4th floor walk up, but are moving next month to a Lemon-appropriate apartment on the first floor. She is on at least one medication at any given time- she has eye issues and has drops, she gets skin infections and has GI issues frequently. 

8. What is Lemon's favorite activity?

Lemons favorite activity HANDS DOWN is the dog park. She LOOOOOVES it and will cry if we have to walk by it without going in

9. What advice would you give to those who are just starting out with an MPS pet?

People with a newly diagnosed MPS Pet have to have patience. Find a supportive group of people who you can be happy and sad with. I would also recommend budgeting and setting aside a fund for medical needs 

10. If there was anything to be done differently, what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t change anything right now. I can’t imagine life without her. 


Lemon’s name came from her medical issues- prior to her diagnosis I called her my little lemon, and pancake was supposed to be her original name- for her big, flat paws!