Featured Story - Meet Lucy

1. How did you find Lucy? Was she already diagnosed with MPS-VI when you met her?  

My daughter rescued her, they told she was a German pin with a deformed clavicle.  We had never had small dogs.  


2. What kind does she have and what are some of her symptoms?  

She has mps VI.  When my daughter brought her home we immediately went to the vet. Who told us dogs don’t have clavicles.  1st theory was she was was mixed with like a French bull dog so that would explain the way her chest was deformed. As a puppy she so is run up the stairs but never down.  By 5 months she wouldn’t go down.  We knew she was special.    I took over her care.   My step my mom runs a rescue in Orange County CA.   She sent me Walters info.  I contacted Gabi. Then Cody and next thing Lucy was tested at the university of Pennsylvania     Once we knows what she had it made caring for much easier!   Lucy just had her 3rd birthday in November!! 


3.  Do you know if any of her siblings have MPS as well?

I don’t. 


4. Did you have any knowledge of MPS or its several types before Lucy?

Nope. Nothing at all. 


5. How did you find MPS Army Foundation?  

Through my step-mom's rescue putting Walter and Lucy together. 


6. How did your life change with Lucy?  

I’m a high strung person. She’s taught me patients I never knew I had. She is carried everywhere. She sits in my office chair at work with me. I walk her in a stroller to get her outside. I have to hand make her food. Scrambled eggs are her favorite! 


7. What kind of care goes into having an MPS Dog? Is there specific food, certain tools or medications Lucy absolutely needs?  

Nonstop care. Nonstop love.  Lucy can’t be left alone more than 3 hours. She has more air miles then most humans. She travels with us. She has to be made special foods. She has a big bed next to mine so I can monitor her. Often she needs a humidifier.   


8. What is Lucy's favorite activity?

To cuddle.

9. What advice would you give to those who are just starting out with an MPS pet?  

One day at a time.  And you know your pet the best.  


10. If there was anything to be done differently, what would it be and why?  

Nothing.  I was given Lucy for a reason. 


Special Comments: 

Lucy is so feisty!  And head strong.   She doesn’t let her disease stop her.  It breaks my heart. A piece of me will die with her.  She’s taught me so much about life, love , and strength.