October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter

MPS Army has an announcement to make

We now have a newsletter!

You can now stay up to date on all the fun activities and announcements we have. You can also find out what your favorite MPS animals are up to and get a first look at some of our new merchandise. Ask your friends to visit our website and they can subscribe too!


The holiday season is quickly approaching and you may start seeing some changes. We have updated our website and store to fit the holiday festivities. That's not all... We have added some amazing items to our amazon wishlist. These items can be ordered to help us fill some holiday gift baskets for our amazing MPS animals. Just visit the link below to donate items. 

Along with the Christmas baskets, we are including a Halloween basket this year! The deadline to order items for that basket is October 15th.

MPS Army has a wonderful store full of amazing goodies!

Th items in our store are a great way for you to show your support for these loving animals living with MPS, and help raise awareness for their disorder. The funds from items purchased go towards helping MPS Army Foundation provide testing for breeders. This is to prevent the breeding of dogs that carry the MPS gene and hopefully eradicate the gene all together. MPS Army will also pay for testing for any family concerned their pup may have MPS.

Below are a few of our newly released items!

Who's ready for a contest?

We all love to dress our pets in adorable Halloween costumes and parade their cuteness around on social media. Now you can win something just by posting those photos! 

Now through Oct 31st if you post a picture of your pet in their Halloween costume, and tag MPS Army in the photo on social media, you will be entered into our Halloween costume contest. On November 1st we will announce the top 3 winners. 

Winners will receive a free MPS Army shirt of their choice, and their pet will receive a PetSmart giftcard! Winners will also be featured in the November newsletter. 

Get creative, have fun, and may the best costume win!


How much did MPS Army receive in donations last month and what are donations typically used for?


Great Question! MPS Army Foundation has had many generous donations. In September, with your help, MPS Army raised a total of $1,165.57. This means we are able to provide supplies and holiday gifts for our MPS cousins, testing for families that think their dog or cat may have MPS, and we can assist breeders wanting to join our MPS Army Certified Breeder Program. 


Our little pups have had a roller coaster of a month. Whenever the weather starts to change MPS children always seem to feel the effects, and the adjustment to winter always make for a hard season. 

Recently Tucker and his momma made a move back to their home city. Tucker think's it's great because he gets to spend more quality time with his grandparents, but moves always take some adjusting. 

Little Lucy went through an unfortunate tummy virus. We hare happy to say she is feeling much better and getting lots of cuddles in with mom and her new fluffy nephew. That's right Lucy's human sister adopted a new puppy and Lucy is excited to teach the pup a thing or two, because apparently Lucy thinks he needs a lesson in relaxation time. 

Winslow gave us all a bit of a scare. He went through a major surgery that involved having to get fixed. This is always a nerve-racking surgery and MPS animals can have additional challenges under anesthesia. Winslow is a little fighter and came out of it strong and ready for some baked treats. 

Don't miss a moment from our MPS animal cousins. Follow our social media channels to see all of them!


September MPS Fact:

MPS-VI stands for Mucopolysaccharidosis Type 6 (also known as Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome).

Mucopolysaccharides are chains of sugar molecules that the body uses to build connective tissue.

“saccharide” is a general term for a sugar molecule (think of saccharin)

“poly” means many

“muco” refers to the thick jelly-like consistency of the molecules


We are very excited to share that MPS Army Foundation made a huge breakthrough in September. We reached out to PennGen at the University of Pennsylvania and they added us to their list of partners! PennGen provides a lot of the testing for MPS Army, and they do the majority of the research to learn about animals with MPS. If you visit the link below you will be able to see MPS Army's website listed. This is wonderful because now more families that are looking for answers can reach out to us for a loving and supportive community. 


MPS Army Foundation has some fun items coming for the holidays. We will be releasing the first ever MPS Army Coloring Book and Doggy Cook Book! We are very excited for these new items and pre orders will be starting soon. Please check our Instagram to see when they go on sale. 

We are accepting recipes for the cookbook until October 31st. Please submit a homemade doggy treat recipe by emailing it to socialmedia@mps.army

  MPS Army is on Amazon Smile: Find your Halloween treats through the link below and Amazon will donate 0.5% to MPS Army!

MPS Army is on Amazon Smile:
Find your Halloween treats through the link below and Amazon will donate 0.5% to MPS Army!

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October's 31 days of Q&A

October's 31 days of Q&A

Tis the season... For holiday baskets!

Tis the season... For holiday baskets!