Tis the season... For holiday baskets!


Last year we started a wonderful tradition of bringing some holiday joy to our little MPS pups. This year we are continuing and expanding on the tradition. Not only will we continue the Christmas baskets, but this year we are also doing Halloween baskets for our sweet MPS cousins!



With the wonderful success we had last year we hope to bring just as much happiness this year. You can donate items simply by visiting our Amazon wishlists below. The deadline for ordering Halloween items is October 15th, and the deadline for Christmas items is December 1st.  


If you know a dog/cat company that would like to donate items, please have them email yvette@mps.army. Last year we had many wonderful companies donate as you can see in this picture. 


If you find some items outside of our wishlists that you would like to donate please send us an email or direct message on social media, and we can provide you with the best address to send the items to. 


Thank you again for all of your loving support, and thank you for donating so many wonderful items so these pups can have beautiful holidays!