Featured Story - Meet Winslow

1. How did you find Winslow?

I came across Winslow when my friend on Facebook alerted me to a dog that looked like my previous dog Walter . It was when I saw his legs and skeletal structure that I knew he had MPS . I drove immediately from my work straight to Bakersfield to pick him up as the shelter had spared his life and gave me time to get there.

2. Was he already diagnosed with MPS-VI when you met him? 

Winslow was not diagnosed until a few months after I rescued him .

3. What kind of MPS did he have and what were the symptoms? 

Winslow had many skeletal abnormalities with his chest , spine and legs as well as his little flippers.

4.  Do you know if any of his siblings have MPS as well?

Unfortunately we do not now of any biological siblings of Winslow so we do not know if they were affected too.

5. Did you have any knowledge of MPS or its several types before Winslow?

Yes I know of MPS as my previous dog Walter had MPS-VI as well.

6.  How did your life change with Winslow?

After loosing Walter I hit rock bottom and was in a deep depression. Upon reaching him I feel as if he has given me a new life and purpose and the chance to be an MPS mommy again.

7. What kind of care goes into having an MPS Dog? Is there specific food and certain medications he absolutely needs? 

It is a difficult job being an MPS mom. As the dogs get older and their disease progresses, they need more and more care which can turn into a 24/7 job as I saw with my previous dog Walter. I keep Winslow on a low fat diet and he is on eye medication to help him keep his vision.

8. What is Winslows favorite activity?

Winslow loves to climb in warm laundry and to snuggle on my shoulder and tap me with his paw for pets. He also loves to help me bake and be the official taste tester. Winslow loves to do his happy stampy dance too.

9. What advice would you give to those who are just starting out with an MPS pet?

I would give other MPS new owners the advice to follow ther heart and their instincts . Also do reach out to other MPS pet owners for advice on the problems they encounter with this disease.

10. If there was anything to be done differently, what would it be and why?

I wouldn't change a single thing ❤️