Race to $350

Race to $350


10/15/17 - 9pm

There's still time to donate!


10/15/17 - 8pm

We raised $246 in 20 hrs. We didn't beat last month's record, but that's okay! Why? Because we've set a new goal! Last month, we raised $694.26 in 24 hrs. Let's try to beat that today!
Only $448.26 to go until we match. We can do it!
Thank you all for your generous donations! 

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10/15/17 - 3pm

We're $275 away from our goal of $350! We know you guys can reach it in the next 4 hours! You can either buy a block on our supporter wall or simply donate whatever you can!Don't forget to share with friends & family! 



The RACE TO $350 has started and our MPS Pups are here to cheer you on! Let's see how fast we can raise $350. With your help, we can do this! 💜

This fundraiser runs from 12:01 am 10/15 EST to 11:59 pm 10/15 EST.



It's time for our monthly fundraiser! Tomorrow morning, bright and early at 12:01 a.m., we're kicking off the race! Last month we raised $350 in less than 20 hours, so since you guys did such an amazing job, let's try raising $350 in less than 15 hours! We know you can do it!

It will begin at 12:01 am EST on the 15th and end 11:59 pm EST.

100% of the funds raised go towards raising awareness of MPS and funds the steps it takes to eradicate the disease💜🐾

Share with your friends & family to let them be a part of the fun and help make a difference!

Click the link in our bio to begin!


On 10/15 our goal is to raise $350 in less than 15 hours. That will beat last months goal where we raised $350 in 20 hours. With your help, we can surely do it! 

Donations can be submitted starting Sunday 10/15 at 12:00am.

There is a donate button below or visit our home page for paypal and reoccurring donations. 

We can do this!!!

November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

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