Additional Ways To Donate


Donate Items

Looking to donate an item for our furry friends? Follow the link below and we will put together a welcome basket and quarterly care packages with your donated items for our furry friends and new family members!


MPS Army Store

You could purchase an item from MPS Army’s store and tell all your friends about how you support MPS animals anytime you wear the item.

Screen Shot on 2019-07-15 at 09_21_46.png

Brave House Designs

You could purchase this beautiful bracelet that shows your love for MPS animals and support MPS Army at the same time. Lava stones promote grounding energy and can be worn for their calming properties.  They provide strength and courage during times of change. Lava stone beads are naturally porous, allowing your favorite essential oils to be easily absorbed.  Simply use a drop or two of your chosen oil and rub it on the black lava beads for subtle aromatherapy throughout your day.


AmaZon Smile

Always shop Amazon using (the link above) and Amazon will donate 0.5% to MPS Army!


You could help MPS Army Foundation immensely just by donating your spare change! The Round Up App allows you to automatically donate the change from your credit or debit card transactions to support our work.
Once you create an account, you do not need to use the app while making a purchase. Just swipe your card as usual! You are in complete control, and can cap your maximum monthly donation if desired!


Use the easy DonorUp App to donate to causes you care about like MPS Army Foundation using your smart device. Donate to all of your causes with recurring or one-time gifts. Organize and tax-itemize your charitable giving. DonorUp continuously matches you with nonprofits based on your background and interests. *This app is currently only available for apple device users.


Are you excited for the world to know you are a supporter of MPS Army Foundation? Our supporter wall is a wonderful place to show everyone your support


Would you like to help MPS Army Foundation by hosting a fundraiser? Revathon makes fundraising easy. You can set up a standard fundraiser or a streamthon that allows video game streamers to participate in the fundraiser. Start a birthday fundraiser, wedding fundraiser, fill the MPS Baskets fundraiser, and more. Start one today by visiting the link below!



Want to lend a paw? When you use our code MPSARMY on any 6- or 12-month BarkBox subscription, they’ll donate $25 to us, and you’ll get your first box for 50% off! BarkBox is a monthly delivery of the original dog toys and all-natural treats, sure to make your pup flip out with joy. BarkBox will donate a portion of each subscription to MPS Army Foundation. Your pup gets fun new toys while you get to support your favorite nonprofit. 


Would you like to help MPS Army Foundation by hosting or helping with an event or fundraiser?
That’s Great! We would love your help.

If you have a fundraising idea we would love to hear all about it. If you don’t have an idea yet, no problem, Facebook makes fundraising easy.


Want to lend a paw? When you use our link above for a Rover booking, they’ll donate $25 to MPS Army Foundation. Rover is the nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. Your pup gets all day fun while you get to support your favorite nonprofit. 



Tobi Cares makes it simple to shop for our cause. Every time you shop for fun new outfits through, Tobi will donate a portion of the purchase price to MPS Army Foundation.


Find great coupons and shop at your favorite stores and goodshop will donate to MPS Army Foundation

You can now donate by shopping for many great items through one of our online fundraising stores. When you shop through this store MPS Army receives 40% profit from the order. You can shop for items like home decorations, tumblers, jewelry, magazines, and more!


Your purchases at Ralphs can now support MPS Army Foundation. Please enroll your Ralphs rewards card in their community contribution program.